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  • edit Spaz
    edited by Makarkaplay diff
  • new page Zoe
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Zoe is a character in BombSquad. She looks like a female Spaz with messy hair instead of a biker helmet. She costs 300 Tickets.
  • new page Tickets
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Tickets are another very important feature in BombSquad. You use them to buy characters such as Kronk, buy minigames And enter tournaments.
  • new page Sign In
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Signing in is one of the most important features in BombSquad. When you sign in, you will get a few tickets And be able to Access almost all of the...
  • new page Gather
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Gather is a feature in Bombsquad. You will find it on the main menu. When you press it you will be taken to another menu. Here you can select a...
  • new page Kronk
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Kronk is a character in BBombSquad.He looks really buff. He costs 200 Tickets.
    Summary: H
  • new page AI
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: In Onslaught Training, there ar e 4 levels of AI. Number 4= Dummy. The rarely throw bomba. Hey lok like a yellow Spaz. 2= Rookie. It is a Kronk. It...
    Summary: Hshshshs
  • new page Spaz
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: Spaz is the character you start with in BBombSquad.He looks like a biker with a 8-pack. He costs 0 Tickets.
    Summary: Madh the page.
  • new page Powerup
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: A Powerup is something that helps the Player. The Powerup ar: Curse: You will explode in 5 seconds but anyone You touck gets this And You lose it....
    Summary: Madh ye page.
  • new page Bomb
    created by MTBRadanox
    New page: A Bomb is the main mechanic in BombSquad. Bomba havo 4 differen varianti, Normal, Freeze, Sticky, And Contact. The Normal one does not havo anything...
    Summary: I created his page.

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